Australian Maritime College
University of Tasmania, Australia
Course Title: MBA (advanced) Maritime & Logistics Management

Eligibility Requirements:

The eligibility requirements for the course are the following:

  • Graduation in a relevant discipline
  • Class I Deck / Engine CoC with relevant experience

Students with lesser qualifications but relevant work experience are also encouraged to apply

Course starting Dates & Duration:

February 2017 and July 2017

Course duration is 2 years.

Tuition Fees:

The tuition fees for the course is AU$ 33,000 per year. There is an upward revision in cost every year of about 4%.

Please view the link below for tuition fee details:

Course Booking Procedure:

Please email the scanned copies of the below mentioned documents for booking a seat in the college.

  • Completed AMC / UTAS Course Booking Form
  • Passport - 1st and last page
  • CDC - first page & sea service stamp pages
  • CoC - All relevant pages of your highest CoC
  • Highest Academic Qualification certificate
  • CV detailing your academic qualifications and work experience.

Seats are allotted on a first come first served basis. Hence, it is always advisable to apply early.

AMC / UTAS will issue you with a Conditional Offer Letter in about 3 weeks time. The conditions that you will need to fulfill
would be the following:

  • IELTS Academic English Test - Average 6 band with no score less than 6 (You can book this test by visiting the
    website The fee for the test is 10,500 Rs/-). You may alternatively sit for the Pearson PTE
    English Test as well (
  • Payment of 50% of the course tuition fees for the first year. Details of the tuition fee will be mentioned on the
    conditional offer letter.

Course Structure:

Please click on the link for the course details: MBA (advanced) Maritime & Logistics Management

Australian student visa:

After submission of 50% of fees and IELTS certificate, the University will issue you with a E-CoE which is required for visa

The visa processing time is 4 weeks normally under the SVP (streamlined visa processing) system.
The visa cost is approximately about 26,000 Rs/-

We will provide assist you with the visa application process.
You may read more information about the visa application process by visiting the link below:

Part-time work entitlement:

You are allowed to work in Australia after your course commencement date.

  • During vacation time, you can work unlimited hours whilst during term time you can work upto 40 hours every 2 weeks.
  • The minimum wage rate in Australia is 18 Aus$ per hour i.e. about 900 Rs/- per hour.
     By working part time, you will earn in 1 month = (40x2) hrs/month x 18 $/hr x 50 Au$/Rs = 72,000 Rs
     By working full time during holidays, you will earn: 200 hrs/month x 18 $/hr x 50 Aus$/Rs = 1.8 Lacs / month                    
  • Your spouse can work full time during the 2 years of your study in Australia as this is a Masters (PG) level course.

If you are going along to Australia for the MBA course, your total expenses, all inclusive will be around 41 Lakhs for 2 years.
By working part-time for 2 years, you will recover about 16 Lakhs i.e. your net expenses will be about 41 - 16 = 25 Lakhs.

If you are going with your wife, add an additional expense of 4 Lakhs / year i.e. total expense will be 50 Lakhs in 2 years.
Your spouse can work full time during the 2 years of your study as you are studying a post-graduate (PG) level course.
If you were studying a Bachelors level course, your wife can only work 40 hours every fortnight for the full 2 years.

If your wife were to work full time for 2 years, her total earnings will be: 1.8 Lacs / month  24 = 43 Lakhs
If you the student were to work part-time for 2 years, your total earnings will be: 72,000 Rs / month x 24 = 17 Lakhs
Total earnings, as a couple will be: 43 + 17 = 60 Lakhs.
Total expenses (tuition fees + living expenses + flight tickets) as a couple will be 50 Lakhs.
Please note that we have taken the minimum payment of 18$ / hour. If you work night shits or on weekends, you will get
higher wages. Also, we have assumed that the student is working part-time throughout 24 months. There would be holidays
like Christmas, Easter, etc., wherein the applicant will work full time. This will compensate those months when you the
student may decide not to work because of your exams in the University.

If you are going with your children who have to attend school in Australia, you will end up spending about 6 Lakhs annually
per children. This will cover the child's school tuition fees and annual living expenses.

Popular part-time jobs for students include the following:

  • Retail — any kind of store that sells goods to customers, from clothing to electronics. It could be a small store, a chain
    of stores or a large department store.
  • Hospitality — employers include cinemas, restaurants, bars, hotels, takeaway food stores and sporting venues.
  • Services — employers include supermarkets, petrol stations, call centres and various businesses requiring
    administration work.
  • Industry — if you are lucky, you might be able to gain employment that is related to the field you are studying (for
    example, a media student might be able to work part time assisting at a local television or radio station).

Post Study Work:

The MBA (2 years) course allows students to stay back and work in Australia for upto 2 years after successful course
completion under the Post Study Work program.

Students after successful course completion and having relevant work experience can also apply for permanent residency in
Australia under the Skilled Independent Visa, points based system.
Please visit the link below for more information:


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