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UK CoC Courses:Call / Whatsapp @ +91 98927 25375

Warsash Maritime Academy, UK.
Southampton Solent University.

Please click on the relevant link below for course details:.

(NoE form ; NoE sample form ; Guidance Notes ; Photographs)       

(NoE Form ; NoE sample form ; Guidance Notes ; Photographs)

From Sep 2021, Solent University (WMA) is expected to start  offering a
Chief Mates course leading to a Bachelors Degree in Nautical Science.
This will allow students to stay back and work in the UK for upto 2 years
under the post study work (PSW) scheme after successful course
completion. You can also work part-time during the BSc course unlike
the Chief Mates CoC course. Jan, April and Sep sessions will all offer
the Chief Mates course under the existing 3+6 route whilst the Sep
session will have the option of converting the 3+6 route into a
Bachelors Degree + 2 years PSW option. Details of the new course will
be available by March 2021.

(NoE Form ; NoE sample form ; Guidance Notes ; Photographs)

Class 4 Engine (MEC3) CoC in New Zealand: Call @ 09892725375

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT), Nelson, NZ.

Please read below for conditions under which a student would not be eligible to give EOOW (earlier called as Class 4) exams in UK but may
have the option of giving their Class 4 CoC exams in New Zealand and return back to Warsash Maritime Academy, Southampton, UK for their
future 2nd Engineer and Chief Engineer CoC examinations.

  • Engine Ratings sailing in the rank of a WIPER  would not be eligible to give their exams in UK as WIPER rank is only associated with
    cleaning duties. WIPER ranks are accepted by Maritime New Zealand for doing their Class 4 CoC from New Zealand.
  • BE Mechanical / Marine, GME, HND and Mechanical Diploma students who have not sailed with a UK MNTB Training Record Book would
    not be eligible to do their Class 4 CoC from WMA, UK. They can however sail with an ISF Training Record Book (TRB) and do their Class
    4 CoC exams in New Zeland. ISF TRB's are available at our office in Mumbai at a cost of 2,700 Rs/-. We can courier the ISF TRB to your
    home address within India by Blue Dart courier for an additional courier charge of 300 Rs/-.
  • Electrical Officers : Sea service done as an ETO is not acceptable for giving your exams in the UK. Electrical Officers can however
    complete 36 months of sea service in the Engine Room of a merchant ship with engine power over 750 KW whilst completing the 6
    months with the ISF TRB and then proceed to New Zealand for doing their Class 4 CoC exams.

Class 4 CoC courses are known as MEC3 CoC exams in New Zealand. For more information, please visit the links below:

Deck Ratings after 36 months of service can do their 2nd Mates from NMIT, Nelson.

SAA (Shipboard Administrative Assistant) with proper documented Bridge Watch-keeping duties and Deck Work may be eligible for doing their
2nd Mates from NMIT, New Zealand. Please visit the course weblink given above for details

Deck Cadets with 12 months of sea service on vessels > 500 GRT whilst completing a Training Record Book (DG Shipping, ISF or MNTB) can
do their 2nd Mates course from NMIT, New Zealand

Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT), Auckland, Nz

Post Study Work Visa of 12 months in New Zealand: Students who have done a 2nd Engineers or a Chief Mates would be eligible for 12 months
stay in New Zealand after successful course completion under the post study work visa. This visa gives you up to 12 months to get a job in a
field related to your studies. While you are looking for a job in your field you are allowed to work in any job to support yourself. If your 2nd
Engineers or Chief Mates course is finishing before December 2021 and your course is outside of Auckland, you are likely to be eligible for a 2
years post study open visa. A 1 year post-graduate course for e.g. PG Diploma in Logistics and Supply Management will allow you 3 years of
post-study work in New Zealand. Pleae visit link below for post-study work rules in New Zealand:

(we are the authorised reprsentative of the above Universities/ Colleges in India)

The following services will be provided to the applicants from our side:

  • Securing admission for the course desired in UK, Australia or New Zealand.
  • Guidance regarding obtaining eligibility from MCA (UK), AMSA (Australia) or MNZ (New Zealand)
  • Visa processing
  • Fees transfer in foreign currency to the college
  • Introduction to other students from India joining the same college
  • Contact details of landlords for accommodation
  • Foreign Exchange and International Debit Cards for students travelling abroad
  • Introduction with other students going for the same course and ensuring that nobody has to travel alone.
  • Guidance regarding working part-time / full time to students.
  • Any other reasonable assistance as may be required by the students.  
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Enquiry Form:
Please fill up the Enquiry Form given below and we shall revert back to you at the earliest.
Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania.

The Australian student visa process is totally online now. We will assist you with the same.
Panama CoC Holders:

  • Panama Deck CoC holders can do Mates & Masters CoC from New Zealand.
  • Panama Engine CoC holder can do 2/E & C/E CoC from New Zealand.

Panama CoC holders are advised to apply for Maritime New Zealand to get their sea-
time assessed. This procedure is free of cost and it takes 4 weeks to get MNZ eligiblity.

New Zealand latest updates:

  • Chief Mates / Masters and 2nd / Chief Engineer CoC: Students doing a Chief
    Mates or Class II - 2nd Engineers course (which are considered Level 7 non
    degree courses) from New Zealand can stay back and work in New Zealand for
    upto 12 months after successful course completion under the latest post study
    work (PSW) visa rules applicable from November 2018. Please scroll down for
    details regarding the latest PSW schemes and shore based job options in New
    Zealand for maritime professionals which may lead to residency options in that
    country. For details, call / Whatsapp @ +91 98927 25375.

  • 2nd Mates CoC: Deck Cadets from India (DNS / HND UK / non DG Pre Sea) can
    now do their 2nd Mates from New Zealand after completing 12 months of sea
    service on vessels > 500 GRT whilst completing the ISF Training Record / MNTB
    UK Training Record Book or DG Shipping India Training Record Book. This is the
    shortest route to obtaining your 2nd Mates Certification anywhere in the world. For
    details, call / Whatsapp @ +91 - 98927 25375. After obtaining 2nd Mates CoC
    from New Zealand, they have the option of coming to Warsash Maritime Academy,
    Southampton Solent University for obtaining the Chief Mates and Masters, MCA,
    UK CoC.
Students from Srilanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan & Nigeria can
contact us over
Whatsapp at +91 98927 25375. As all admissions, visas,
fees payment, etc, procedures have become online, we will be able to assist with the
complete procedures over Whatsapp itself from seat booking to visas, etc. All payments
will be made directly to the University / Colleges only to ensure that your money is safe.
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'ONLINE' Private Tuitions

2/E & C/E CoC - UK

Subject / Fees:

Engg. Drawing - FREE TUITION
to students joining Warsash Maritime Academy,
Southampton for EK General and EK Motors
course. For students studying in other UK
colleges, tuition fees will be 10,000 INR.

  • Heat - INR 15,000
  • Mechanics - INR 15,000
  • Naval Architecture - INR 15,000
  • Electrotechnology - INR 10,000
  • Mathematics - INR 10,000

EK General & EK Motor - Free classes through
APP based learning and weekly discussion with
lecturer to resolve queries.

Necessary assistance to financially weak
students who have not sailed in last 1 year and
those who did not clear EK's and ED in UK.

Class 4 CoC - Engine, UK

  • EK General + EK Motor + EK Control
  • Science A & Science B

Free Private Tuition Classes
for Class 4 CoC students joining Warsash  
Maritime Academy, Southampton, UK.

Call / Whatsapp: +91 9892725375
Forms and Document Sample:


For your convenience, relevant forms and guidance notes have
been compiled below from the MCA, UK website. Please always
refer to the MCA website for updated forms and latest regulations.

MCA Contact details are as given below:

Tel: +44 (0) 20 3817 2200

Address: UK Seafarer Services (Training and Certification),
Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Spring Place,
105 Commercial Road, Southampton SO15 1EG, UK

Deck and Engine CoC courses: UK, Australia and New Zealand